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Weddings Riviera Maya

- Canadian Dollars -

Hello there! This are the three packages for weddings in the Cancun / Riviera Maya area. Right after the packages you'll find a couple options to add or remove services from each package. If for any reason this packages does not adapt to what you're looking for, please let me know what you want in your package and I'll send you a custom package.


10 Hour Coverage

Web Gallery

600+ Edited Pictures


Thank You Card 



$3,200 CAD


8 Hour Coverage

Web Gallery

500+ Edited Pictures


Thank You Card 



$2,600 CAD


6 Hour Coverage

Web Gallery

400+ Edited Pictures


Thank You Card Online


$1,900 CAD

Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Customize your Package

You can add services or items from you package.

Add :)

Extra Hour (Wedding)                              $300 CAD

E-Session (2 Hrs)                                     $350 CAD

Trash The Dress (2 Hrs)                          $400 CAD

Photo Book 12x12                                    $500 CAD

2nd Photographer                                     $500 CAD

The "What's that?" Section

Hours of Coverage: The number of hours of coverage for the day of the wedding. These are continuous hours of coverage.

Web Gallery: Once I'm done editing all the pictures of your amazing wedding, I'll create a web gallery inside my website, where you will have the possibility to see the pictures, run them in slideshow mode or download them all to your computer in high resolution.

Edited Pictures: The minimum amount of pictures that you get for the package that you selected. It's important that you know that I'm not the lazy type.. so if for any reason I end up with a lot more pictures than the minimum I will edit those and add them to your gallery. I won't delete good pictures just because I already have the minimum. :)

Scouting: I like to get early to the location that we're gonna be working at, I walk the area and look for nice spots to use later that day.

Thank You Card Online: Most of the clients ask me for a few pictures right after the wedding to send a Thank You Card to their guest, so, I thought that it would be easier for you to simply have it already in your package and just send the link to all of your guests.

Slideshow: I create a slideshow with the best pictures of the wedding. It has music and all! If you're into music and would like to suggest some music for the slideshow... do not hesitate to do it!

Photo-Book: This is a 12x12 inches top quality book with your names or initials embossed in the cover. The pages are made of photographic paper and the design is personalized. You'll get a preview of the book before it's send off to the lab. If there's anything you would like to change, don't worry, you have 1 series of changes to make it look just the way you want it! (12x12 inches closed and 12x24 when open)

2nd Photographer: Most of the times there are different things happening at two places at the same time or is really difficult to have some creative picture and not risk the must-have picture.. either way, this is when the 2nd photographer always comes in handy. I want to make sure we can tell your wedding story just the way it really happened, without skipping moments.

When, when, when!

I figured it would be easier to see this like a timeline instead a bunch of text. So let's see...

Week 1                                           Thank You Card & Sneak Peek

Week 2                                                                              Slideshow

Week 6                                                                        Online Gallery

Week 6                       Book design for your approval (if applies)

Photo Books take 4 weeks to get to me once you approved the design. Once I check the book and make sure everything is perfect I ship it and send you an email with the tracking number.

Thank You!

Thank you for consider me as part of this big day! Looking forward to meeting you! 

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