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Couple Session

2 Hours of Service

Digital Retouch

Web Gallery



$400 USD

Trash The Dress

3 Hours of Service

Digital Retouch

Web Gallery



$500 USD

If you would like to have the session at your Hotel, you need to know that hotels usually charge a fee when an external supplier enters the hotel to work. This fee is not included in the pricing and it's up to the client to talk to the hotel management and arrange the fee payment and the access of the photographer. Sorry about this, it's kinda annoying but are the hotel policies :(

The "What's that?" Section

Couple Photoshoot or Trash The Dress?

The couple photoshoot is for any couple that would like to have pictures for any occasion. The Trash The Dress is a shoot in which the bride uses the wedding dress again and this time it's alright if the dress gets dirty or wet.

Should I have the shoot at my Hotel or at Location?

This depends on whether you prefer to have the shoot at your hotel for your commodity and save time because of the transportation or you prefer to have the shoot at a location either on a beach or in a cenote. It's important to let me know where your hotel is, since the really cool cenotes are in a specific area of the Riviera Maya and It can take us up to an hour to get there depending on where you are.

What is a Cenote?

According to Wikipedia, is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath.Here in the Riviera Maya they are sorrounded by  "Manglar" (like a jungle) and we also take pictures with this jungle-like surroundings.

When, when, when!

Photoshoots and TTD's take 10 business days to be ready.I will send you an email with the link to the web gallery where you could either see the pictures or download them all in high resolution.I do not delete the pictures, they are store in my cloud and you could find them there anytime you want with the link that I send you.

Thank You!

Thanks for trusting me!

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